Colouring has quickly become one of my favourite pastime activities, and I’d love for you to join me.

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The Benefits of Colouring:

Colouring can help you channel your inner artist, de-stress and bring a sense of peace. For children, colouring enhances fine motor development and is an activity that helps children build the muscles in their fingers, hand and wrist which aid in manipulating small objects. ‘The Amazing Zoe’ fans and supporters can participate in a meet and greet colouring session. You can either be a guest on Instagram LIVE, or participate as a viewer. Bring your questions about the books, writing or life in general. My guests are students, fellow authors, illustrators, librarians, teachers or other. It’s all about connecting with you! All you need to do is follow these few, easy steps:

For guests 18 years or younger:

*Children ages 18 or under must have written consent from parents or guardians to participate as a guest.

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