Germie Germlins

The Germie Germlins Are Attacking… Is There Anything YOU Can Do To Defeat Them? Zoe Has The Answer!

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The Germie Germlins Are Attacking… Is There Anything YOU Can Do To Defeat Them? Zoe Has The Answer!

Why are we told to stay home?

Will we ever go to school and hang out with friends again?

Why do I have to wash my hands if I can’t see any dirt on them?

Right now, these questions asked by millions of children all around the world. And Zoe is going to answer them. Wait, who’s Zoe?

She’s the brave little girl who saved her town of Niceville from the evil Germie Germlins!

When the Germie Germlins invade Planet Earth, they attack people and make them sick. Nothing seems to stop them, so the mayor of Niceville announces a lockdown – no school, no work, no going outside!

Zoe is upset because she doesn’t want to spend the summer away from her friends… but then she accidentally activates a powerful forcefield that keeps the Germie Germlins away from her! Will she keep the secret of the forcefield to herself? Will she help her town overcome the pandemic? Will the Germie Germlins give up completely?


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Paperback ISBN: 9781777189518

Hardcover ISBN: 9781777189501

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I purchased the books as gifts for my nieces and nephews. It is very informative and the pictures are so vivid and are so necessary for what’s happening with the COVID-19.
My daughter requested this book because her friend told her about it. We read the book together, it was outstanding!
Shel J
This book is so sweet and timely. I recommend sharing this book with children who are trying to adapt to this “new normal”. It’s a great story for teachers to share with their students. I loved it for the babies in my family.

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