In-Person Visits

Due to circumstances pertaining to COVID-19 and for the safety of all participants, in-person visits are suspended until further notice.

Virtual Author Visits

It would be my pleasure to join your school, classroom, special interest group, or library. Virtual visits are one of my favourite things to do for ‘The Amazing Zoe’ readers. Please see below for details.

In-Person School Visits

The Amazing Zoe presentation is available for in-person School visits or venues within the Greater Toronto Area and beyond! Please contact us if your school or event is located outside of this region. Arrangements can be made for us to come to you wherever you are.

Virtual Author Visits

We are available to join your school, classroom, special interest group, or library virtually in any time zone. Your students will be just as engaged and won't miss a beat.

Get ready to be ‘WOW’ed! We are bringing you a cultural explosion of African-Caribbean-inspired art through literature, and dance. Presented by bestselling children’s author, Valene Campbell and special guest(s). This program is best suited for students K-grade 6. Schools can opt for 1 or 2 assembly sessions: K-grade 3 and 4th-6th grade (recommended)

What Teachers are Saying…

What Teachers are Saying...

Duke (Grade 1 teacher, Peel Region)
The Children Were Glued!
“I read this to my grade 1 virtual class, after hearing a rave review from a colleague. The children were glued (and not all books engage them completely). It is a relatable story for the kids, and it holds a powerful lesson. We also went to the author’s website and booked an author’s visit. She came to our virtual classroom, prepared, patient, joyful and the class was engaged and excited to have her. Highly recommend!”
Nicky (Grade 1 teacher, Peel Region)
This Book Matters
An amazing book for children of all ages, but particularly those in grades K-3. My students absolutely loved it and it raised so many interesting discussions and conversations about the similarities and differences we all have. Valene Campbell took the very big ideas of racism and wrote in a way that children could really wrap their minds around. She visited our classroom virtually to discuss her book and brought so much joy and energy! I would highly recommend this book to parents and educators!
Carolyn (Grade 3 teacher, Durham Region)
Approached A Difficult Topic with Fairness
The class loved the book and the presentation. I especially appreciate how Valene approached fairness and injustice in a way that is age-appropriate and engaging for primary students. My students were so intrigued and instantly wanted to learn more about the royalty of Africa. Again, thank you for helping to change the landscape of children’s books and helping families engage in much-needed conversations in a safe and age-appropriate way.
Liene (Grade 1 teacher, Peel Region)
The Kids Were So Engaged!
Valene you were incredible. The kids were so engaged with you. You built a relationship with the class almost immediately and created a real community feeling. The egg discussion was fantastic as was your use of visuals to support your presentation. I would 100 percent love to have you back. I feel like you have a natural charisma as a presenter and really admired the passion you have for educating students. Thank you so much for coming in!

Understandig The Power of Diverse Children's Literature- For Undergraduate Studies

This presentation delves into the significance of representation in children's literature and its evolution to present day. The discussion explores the crucial role that literature plays in shaping children's perspectives and understanding of the world around them. This presentation is for student teachers, creative writers or English studies at an undergraduate level.

Depending on the package you choose, the presentation can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours (half day). Here is the typical breakdown, the time can be slightly more or less:

  • Read aloud: 20-25 min
  • Diversity presentation: 20 min
  • Dance-along/dance-along 20 min
  • Q & A: 10-15 min

In-person and virtual visits follow the same structure and are usually the same length of time.

Time: 30-35 minute session


  • Read-aloud with book of choice from the series
  • Q & A

  • If in-person within the GTA, there will be an extra fee for travel.
  • Please contact us to discuss the number of participants and prices are subject to change.

Time: 50 min

Students will follow the steps I use for my personal journey of character and story development. They will be guided through a brainstorming session that encourages creativity and will set them well on their path to writing their first book. Can be book as 1 or 2 sessions, graded K-3/4-6.

The Q & A period is an opportunity for classes/groups to ask me questions about ‘The Amazing Zoe’ series, my writing experience and what steps students can take in order to publish their own book.


  • 1 autographed set of the series
  • For 50 or more participants, please contact me directly, prices are subject to change.


75-90 minute sessions


Every school, or organization is unique and has its own mission. We’re happy to work with you to create an impactful and memorable experience for your students. 

Schools that wish to group 3 or more classes simultaneously, will be considered an ‘assembly’. For virtual or in-person assemblies, we recommend that classes are divided K-grade 3 AND grades 4-6. Please note there are differences in the presentation according to age, such as the discussion and the activities. We can also accommodate a single, all ages assembly. Speak to us so we can find a solution that is best for your school or group. 


Our assembly will allow your class/group to take a deeper dive into a specialized interactive lesson plan and diversity experience. This session will include the following:

  • Explore the importance of diversity

  • Read-aloud with book of choice from the series

  • Appropriate words and terms to use that speak to inclusion.

  • Diversity discussion and powerpoint presentation (literature, art, film)

  • How to become an author

  • 1-diversity and inclusion activity per age group

  • Sing-along or dance-along 

  • Q & A

  • 1 autographed set of the book series.

  • FREE giveaway for all students


In-Person  Assembly

*Our assembly averages from $10-$15 per student and largely depends on the number of students in attendance. Contact us directly for pricing.

1/2 Day School Visit
*Please contact us for a quote:
  • Read Aloud (25-30 min)
  • Diversity presentation (25-30 min)
  • Q& A (10-15 min)
  • Themed arts and crafts related to your story of choice. All materials are included in your quote (60 min)
  • How to become an author
  • Writing Workshop (50-60 min)
  • FREE giveaway for all students


1) Germie Germlins: Soap Making 

2) A Queen Like ME!: Construction of a bedazzled crown and paper bead necklace

3) Grandmas’ Memory Box: Construction of a wooden palm sized Memory Box, painting and decorating of the box.

*Schools/organizations can also opt for each student receive an autographed copy of the book. Additional fees will apply. Please contact us if travel is required outside of the Greater Toronto Area.

In-person or Virtual


90 minutes

Introducing a dynamic post-graduate class lecture:

‘The Importance of Diverse Children’s Books and How They Shape Our Future.’

This class is designed for 1st-4th year undergraduate students, including student teachers, creative writing majors, and English majors. The class provides a comprehensive overview of the history of children’s stories, the current state of Canadian children’s literature and the lack of diversity in publishing.

Throughout the course, students will learn about the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalized students and the impact that diverse children’s stories can have on young readers. The class will focus on advocacy and teaching students how they can be effective allies and advocates in their future classrooms.

This course will provide students with the opportunity to delve into the world of Canadian children’s literature, exploring the different perspectives and cultures represented in these books. By examining the historical context and cultural significance of children’s stories, students will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of diversity and representation in literature for young people.

*please contact me directly for pricing.

We can accommodate 2 sessions and in fact, this is recommended, especially for larger schools. The content of the diversity presentation and the accompanied activities are slightly different based on the age of the group. Our suggested groupings are grades K-4 AND 5-8

*Please note, the second session will be billed at 50% of the cost of the initial session. 

Corporate Diversity Presentations are are included in my offerings. The goal of this diversity presentation is to assist with creating a workplace where all employees feel validated and seen. Studies reveal that diversity is necessary in the workplace because it will increase employee morale and instil a desire to be more effective and work more efficiently.

What place do children’s books have in the corporate workplace? Children’s stories help us return to the fundamentals of what it means to respect and appreciate others. Some of the unique or forgotten lessons of acceptance and tolerance are reintroduced in the simplicity of children’s literature. 


Panel Discussion

Thank you for your interest in having me join your panel discussion. Please forward your topic and questions to [email protected].

*An honorarium of a minimun of $500 will be applied.


Speaking points include:

  • Why diversity is important in children’s book?
  • ‘The Talk’ -a candid conversation about what Black parents often discuss with their children as it pertains to navigating the world.
  • How to analyze children’s books for racism (this translates in to YA and adult books)
  • Break down stereotypes and biases of a character’s lifestyle
  • Review of adjectives that describe characters
  • Review of illustrations
  • How to choose unbiased storylines
  • Choose from any of The Amazing Zoe themes to discuss key points of the story
  • How to engage your children in reading

*Corporate presentations include book purchases for each attendee. Please contact me to discuss additional details, we will work together to arrive at a suitable plan.

Here are a few ‘housekeeping’ items that we would like to share with you, to help create a smooth booking process.

  1.  We recommended that your title of choice is read in advance, if possible. This helps create excitement for the students, it will increase engagement and will give them something extra special to look forward to. 

  2. School principals/librarians administrators/organizations are asked to please provide me with all the teacher’s names prior to the visit. This way, I will be able to call upon each class and address each teacher for their time to ask questions.  

  3. In-person assemblies, we will require audio and visual equipment (i.e a large TV screen or projector, sound system with 1 handheld microphone and 1 headset or lapel microphone if available. Otherwise, 2 cordless mics will work well.

  4. Have students prepare up to 6 questions in advance for single class sessions. For larger school assemblies, each class will be allowed up to 2 questions that can be asked by either the student or teacher. Preparing question ahead of time will help guide our discussion, will ensure each student feels represented by their class, and will ensure an easier transition between each class. 

  5. Virtual presentations. Depending on the platform you use, (Zoom, Google Meets, etc.) please remember to provide the link at a minimum of, 1 hour prior to the virtual visit. This will allow us time to ‘troubleshoot’ in case there are any unforeseen technical difficulties.

  6. For virtual sessions, once confirmed, I will forward you a ‘meet and greet’ sheet to be emailed to the parents of each student. The sheet includes a short biography, descriptions of the books, and a few main objectives about what the students will learn from each story. This is a great way for the author to introduce herself, and involve parents in the author visit experience. The sheet also includes where the books can be purchased, should the parents wish to include ‘The Amazing Zoe’ in their home library. Kindly send out your email at least 1-day in advance of our scheduled time.

  7. Cancellations. We know things may come up, therefore we are happy to accommodate the change in your schedule. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. We can reschedule an available date/time that works for you.

  8. When booking corporate presentations, please indicate the length of time, required, the number of attendees and date. Presentations will be based on the message in your book of choice in addition to a dialogue about the importance of diverse literature and diversity advocacy. Corporations can also choose from any title or combination of ‘The Amazing Zoe’ series books. Please indicate the title and number of each book in your order.

  9. Payment. We accept PayPal, e-transfer and credit card payments. Payment in full is due prior to your session. In your virtual visit request form, kindly include all necessary details for a formal invoice. It will be emailed to you upon booking. (Please include: contact name, address of the location etc.)

  10. Lastly, how did you enjoy the presentation? Your feedback is important to me and helps to ensure an ultimate experience with your class. Please email me your response and kindly leave your review of the book on the platform to which you have purchased. Referrals are also welcome.

No problem. We will gladly reschedule the event or schedule a virtual presentation. We understand these are unique times and will work with your school.

Schools receive ‘Tour Pricing’ (20% off) if 1 other school within the same region books on the same day.

Yes absolutely! Here is our breakdown for bulk book purchases:

50-99 (save 5%)

100-199 (save 10%)

299-499 (save 20%)

500-999+ (save 30%)

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How You Can Become An Advocate...

The topics of race and racism can be difficult, but what is even more difficult are the true accounts of children who are discriminated against, bullied or worse, based on the colour of their skin or varying physical abilities.

Some parents and educators may feel unequipped or unprepared for such complex issues. There are a number of studies on race relations that indicate children have an awareness of varying skin tones as early as preschool. Children may begin excluding their peers of different races from play and other activities (Winkler 2009). Still, many parents or educators of young children are often reluctant to discuss race and racial differences, having the opinion that an early introduction could be harmful. So what is the solution? Conversations on race must be age-appropriate, bite-sized, ongoing conversations throughout the school year and should not be left exclusively to national days or months of recognition.


Heres are a few tips on how you can become an advocate:

  1. As a parent or educator, begin reading for yourself. You can only be as effective with any given topic based on your own place of knowledge. Learn full accounts of Black history, pre-colonialism
  2. Expand your circle beyond a homogenous groups of friends, community members or family
  3. Understand that racism can be unlearned. Racist systems can also be dismantled. Your goal is to unlearn and dismantle racism where it shows up around you, then SPEAK UP!
  4. Don’t let mistakes, mishaps, or missteps prevent you from seeking understanding. Humility and apologies are always best to move everyone forward
  5. Request/purchase diverse books and stories by diverse authors to your classrooms, home/school library or community library.
  6. If you do not know how to approach the topic of race, request special speakers, diverse authors or community members who are versed on the said subject matter. 

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Are you an elementary school, library, bookstore or part of a special interest group? Take advantage of my special wholesale discounts. Feel free to contact me directly, and I will get back to you with more information.

I’m happy to provide a number of free, comprehensive lesson plans as extension activities related to each of the Amazing Zoe books. Learn practical life skills that are applicable to students today, and for years to come. Check the ‘Parents & Teachers’ section for the complete list of activities.

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