A Queen Like Me!

What would you do if your child came home crying because others didn’t see them the same or think they were able to do the same things?

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Join Zoe on her latest real-life adventure. You’re sure to be warmed at heart by this lovely story of how people are more the same than we appear on the outside!


What would you do if your child came home crying because others didn’t see them the same or think they were able to do the same things?

Meet Zoe and Kaitlyn, two girls who love playing together. Their favourite game is dress-up and one day, the girls decide to be royals.

Their playdate takes a turn when Kaitlyn refuses to let Zoe be the princess because she has never seen a princess like her before. Zoe runs home, upset and confused, not realizing that she is about to embark on another amazing journey. This time she will begin to discover some interesting things about princesses from the past and present.

See how Zoe’s parents, through kindness and understanding turn this disagreement between the girls into a teaching moment for them both.


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Paperback ISBN: 9781777189549

Hardcover ISBN: 9781777189532

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Well done
This book is well written and talks about the unfamiliar behaviour of others, how to deal with it, and how to accept differences. The characters are passing on to Zoe and her friend a very important value, the respect of others, something we should all learn at a young age. This book should be part of every child’s library.
A.K.A Favorite Librarian
This is a wonderful Children’s Book! This title provides a great opportunity to explore cultural representation(s), African History, and the importance of independence. I love how Zoe’s parents discuss discrimination with her and how to properly combat prejudice is just amazing. Her father provides her ancestral history, encouraging the Amazing Zoe to represent her heritage through her name and style– as her own kind of princess. The history of African and Black female leaders and catalysts of change is impressive. This book is great to introduce topics of racial discrimination, representation, diversity and inclusion, the Black Experience, and combating racial prejudices. I truly enjoyed reading this book and have it on my Kindle. So, I can take them whenever I want..

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